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Criminal Defense Attorney Gwinnett County GA
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If you, or someone you know, is facing criminal charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney that knows how to get results. Matthew S. Halley has over sixteen (16) years of criminal law experience, both prosecuting and defending criminal cases. He personally handles each client’s case and provides the highest level of representation. Mr. Halley has extensive jury trial experience in misdemeanor, impaired driving and felony charges. He has reached favorable resolution in drunk driving, drug offenses, domestic violence, assault, burglary, robbery, sex crimes, and traffic citations. Mr. Halley provides the same aggressive legal representation no matter the level of offense.
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In the state of Georgia, an individual can be charged with DUI if they operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .08 percent or higher. An individual may be charged with “DUI Less Safe, if the individual appears to be intoxicated, but refuses to take a test, or if the driver’s blood/alcohol level is below .08, but the driver is under the influence, of drugs or alcohol, and exhibits behavior that shows they are unable to safely operate a vehicle.
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The State of Georgia takes drug offenses very seriously. A possession charge can result in serious consequences, such as incarceration, fines, and loss of driver’s license. Therefore, if you have been charged with any drug possession offense, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Matthew S. Halley, will help you through this difficult and stressful time, and ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated..
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In the State of Georgia, crimes are classified as either felonies or misdemeanors. Misdemeanor crimes can negatively impact one’s life in a variety of ways. It can lead to incarceration, fines, and may affect one’s ability to find employment and admissions into college.If you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime you need an experienced knowledgeable criminal defense attorney working on your behalf. Matthew S. Halley, Attorney at Law, will provides personal and aggressive representation for those who have been charged with a misdemeanor offense.
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In the State of Georgia, crimes are classified as either felonies or misdemeanors. Felony offenses are deemed to be more serious and the penalties for such offenses are usually more severe. Felony offenses are crimes that are punishable by a prison term of one year or more. An individual convicted of a felony may also be subject to substantial fines. Therefore, it is critical that you contact an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney to protect your legal rights and provide a strong defense to any felony charges..
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